Pan Flashed Fixed Skylights

VELUX QPF Self-Flashed Skylight

The VELUX QPF Pan-Flashed Skylight is a Deck Mounted Skylight. It comes with a wood frame and integrated pan flashing, which installs directly to the roof deck. This unit installs on a pitched roof deck that has asphalt shingles. 

There is no need to use an additional flashing kit with the VELUX QPF Skylight. The flashing system is already integrated onto the unit, which makes for a quicker and easier installation. The QPF is to be used on a shingled roof application only. It has a minimum pitch requirement of 14 degrees (3/12)

Why we like it: Affordable, super easy to install and love the pre-installed metal self-flashed design. Bonus - it can ordered with factory installed solar or manually operated blinds.


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