VELUX 23 5/8 x 23 5/8 Flat Roof Skylight Base and CurveTech Top Cover CFP 060060 1093

0073QV 060060 ISD 1093
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VELUX Fixed Flat Roof Skylights

The VELUX Fixed Flat Roof Skylight is designed for homes with flat or low-pitch roofs to transform and improve virtually any space with daylight. Topped with either CurveTech glass or a polycarbonate dome, its unique design lets in more daylight, easily drains rainwater, and stands out externally as a modern addition to roof surfaces.

  • 0° - 60° Roof pitch
  • Choose between CurveTech glass or polycarbonate dome
  • Available in 5 sizes for CurveTech glass
  • Available in 6 sizes for polycarbonate domes

Innovative curve shape lets rainwater easily drain off, ensuring clearer sky views and more daylight, even on 0°-pitched roofs.

2arrow-iconInsulated PVC curb and two-layer pane

An ideal combination of insulating PVC frame and double-paned, low-energy inner glass ensures heat doesn’t escape, so your ideal indoor climate is maintained.

3arrow-iconMaintenance-free design

The curved glass shape provides natural drainage of rainwater – no need to regularly clean the surface – while toughened glass makes it virtually impervious to damage from the elements.

4arrow-iconBlinds and heat protection

Blinds provide the perfect amount of light for your space. We offer light filtering blinds, room darkening blinds, and blackout blinds for Flat Roof skylights.


Curved Glass Top Cover

The CurveTech's modern and innovative design lets rainwater easily roll off for a clean look while preventing leaks. The tempered glass is virtually scratch-proof providing a durable layer of protection.


Sizes for CurveTech Glass

CFP Size Code
Rough Opening (W"xH")
2358 x 2358
2358 x 35716
3112 x 3112
35716 x 4714
4714 x 4714
Exterior frame (W"xH")
301116 x 301116
301116 x 4212
38916 x 38916
4212 x 54516
54516 x 54516