VELUX Rigid Sun Tunnel


VELUX Sun Tunnel Tube Skylight - Rigid

The VELUX Rigid Sun Tunnels are tube shaped skylights built to bring more than natural light to your space. Some great places to put them are inside stairwells, closets and bathrooms. These VELUX tubular skylights are the easiest type of VELUX skylight to install and can make a huge difference in visible light in your space. 

About VELUX Sun Tunnels:

  • icon-chevron-small-right.pngComes standard with a 20 year tunnel warranty.
  • icon-chevron-small-right.pngFastest and easiest skylight to install.
  • icon-chevron-small-right.pngMost economical skylight made by VELUX.
  • icon-chevron-small-right.pngAvailable in both 10" and 14" sizes - talk to your installer to determine the best size for your project.