VELUX CG2 2549 Acrylic Double Dome Curb Mounted Commercial Skylight

CG2 225465
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VELUX Acrylic Double Dome Curb Mount Skylights

  • Redesigned skylight frame replaces the CMA
  • Neutral grey exterior color
  • Encapsulating inner frame is 100% thermally broken

New and improved frame design

  1. 50-year Silicone
  2. Glazing Spacer
    • Reduced cracking
    • Condensation release
  3. Inner dome rests on material with similar expansion/contraction (durability)
  4. Innovative, encapsulating one-piece Thermoplastic inner frame.
    • Dry installation (no caulk or curb tape needed)
    • Impenetrable water barrier
    • No exposed holes to the exterior (air/water/bug filtration)
    • 100 percent thermally broken (the frame is the thermal break)
    • Fail-safe extra layer of water protection; no path for water to enter the building.

The benefits of Acrylic Dome Curb Skylights

Superior Water Management

Unlike most commercial skylights that allow condensation to collect within an interior gutter, the VELUX Acrylic Dome Curb Skylight utilizes a fail-safe proprietary wicking system that evacuates condensation to the exterior of the skylight. We’ve also incorporated a one-piece inner frame, creating superior durability (eliminating the need for corner welds that can leak) and 50-year silicone.

Secure Thermal Seal

The VELUX Dynamic Dome incorporates an encapsulating design that provides an impenetrable water barrier with a 100 percent thermally broken skylight frame, thereby isolating interior surfaces from exterior temperatures. This 'warm design' virtually eliminates condensation while also providing a secure weather seal to the curb to impede air, water, and bug infiltration.



Skylight sizes for CG2

CG2 Size Code
Outside curb (W"xH")
25 1⁄2 x 25 1⁄2
25 1⁄2 x 49 1⁄2
33 1⁄2 x 33 1⁄2
37 1⁄2 x 37 1⁄2
49 1⁄2 x 49 1⁄2<
Maximum skylight clearance (W"xH")
26 11⁄16 x 26 11⁄16
26 11⁄16 x 50 11⁄16
34 11⁄16 x 34 11⁄16
38 11⁄16 x 38 11⁄16
50 11⁄16 x 50 11⁄16


Model number
Glazing code
Clear over clear
Bronze over clear
Clear over white