VELUX ZZZ 199 - Accessory Tray: for Installing Shade in FCM Skylight

ZZZ 199
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Shade, Curb Mount
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  • An accessory tray is required when installing a VELUX shade in an FCM model skylight
  • The FCM model does not come with built-in Pick&Click! installation brackets
  • ZZZ 199 tray has the brackets so the shade will snap into position
  • Also includes gasket which seals tray to curb
  • Not designed for use with other manufacturers' products
  • Skylight and shade sold separately
  • Model number for an accessory tray begins with ZZZ 199 and ends with FCM size code
    • Example: ZZZ 199 2246 works with FCM 2246 skylight


pdf.png Installation - FSC

pdf.png Installation - ZZZ 199 Accessory Tray

pdf.png Warranty - VELUX