VELUX EDW C12 Tile Roof Flashing Kit with Adhesive Underlayment for Deck Mount Skylight

EDW C12 0000A
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VELUX EDW High-Profile Tile Roof Flashing Kit with Adhesive Underlayment for Deck Mount Skylight

  • list iconVELUX EDW deck mount skylight flashing is designed to work with tiles (over 1/2 in. thickness) and high-profile roofing materials
  • list iconThe sill apron is pliable and pleated, making it easy to form the flashing to the roof tiles
  • list iconEDW skylight flashing is engineered to work on roofs with shingles, shakes or slate with a minimum pitch of 14° and a maximum pitch of 85°
  • list iconEDW skylight flashing is designed to fit specific VELUX deck mounted skylight models (see table below)
  • list iconWhen paired with a VELUX deck mount skylight (model FS, VS, VSE, or VSS) on a sloped shingle, shake, or slate roof this flashing makes the skylight qualify for the VELUX 10-year installation warranty
  • list iconIncludes a roll of adhesive underlayment which provides an additional layer of water protection for a weathertight installation
  • list iconPlease note: There is a different EDW flashing kit for VELUX roof windows (top hinged, roof access, balcony, center-pivot)


10-year installation warranty when installed with VELUX deck mount skylight on sloped roof

Deck Mount Skylight Sizes

Deck Mount Size Code A06 C01 C04 C06 C08 C12 D26 D06
Use EDW Model N/A EDW C01 EDW C04 EDW C06 EDW C12 EDW C12 EDW D06 EDW D06
Rough Opening WxH (in) 1412 x 4534 21 x 2678 21 x 3778 21 x 4534 21 x 54716 21 x 7014 2212 x 221516 2212 x 4534
Outside Frame WxH (in) 1514 x 4614 2112 x 2738 2112 x 3838 2112 x 4614 2112 x 541516 2112 x 7034 2314 x 23716 2314 x 4614
Deck Mount Size Code M02 M04 M06 M08 S01 S06
Use EDW Model EDW M02 EDW M04 EDW M06 EDW M08 EDW S01 EDW S06
Rough Opening WxH (in) 30116 x 30 30116 x 3778 30116 x 4534 30116 x 54716 4414 x 2678 4414 x 4534
Outside Frame WxH (in) 30916 x 3012 30916 x 3838 30916 x 4614 30916 x 541516 4434 x 2738 4434 x 4614

Below is a video outlining the installation procedures for a VELUX deck mount skylight. If you have specific questions about installation or sizing please call or email us with questions. Our normal response time is within just a few hours.




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