VELUX KLF 200 US - Home Automation Kit (connect VELUX electrical & solar products with building mgmt systems & smart homes)

KLF 200 US
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Conveniently integrate VELUX electrical and solar products into existing building management systems or smart home solutions with VELUX KLF 200. Control your entire building or smart home from one central location. Boosts the range of the wireless controllers and provides a stronger signal throughout the building.

VELUX KLF 200 allows you to operate io-homecontrol® compatible electrical products via external control devices that are not io-homecontrol® compatible. The interface can also be used as a repeater to extend the operation range of controls.

KLF 200 can be used for individual control of one or several products in up to 5 groups. Each group can handle several products of similar type. However, the individual groups may consist of any product type. Each group has a terminal for connection of the switch for opening and another terminal for connection of the switch for closing. As default, the interface will control the products in the group to the fully open and the fully closed positions. The interface can operate up to 200 electrical products. The maximum number of products to be controlled in a single group is 200. The same product can be part of several groups, if needed, for local and whole house control. The interface has a built-in security key, set up to match the key in the products it should operate.


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