VELUX KLR 300 WW - Advanced Touch-Screen Remote Control (operates multiple skylights & shades with preset positions and timers)

KLR 300 WW
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Simple control of all VELUX skylights and shades with one remote. The VELUX Touch Remote makes it easy to create the perfect home environment with your skylights and shades. 

  • This remote can operate both skylights and shades individually and in groups
  • It has preset positions so you can simply press once and it will open your skylights and/or shades halfway, 3/4 of the way, all the way, or completely close them
  • Ventilation timer setting will open venting skylights for 15 minutes to ventilate the room
  • Lock home option closes all of your venting skylights
  • Battery-powered so no wiring is needed



pdf.png Instructions - KLR 300 VELUX Touch Remote

pdf.pngVELUX Touch Icons Overview

pdf.png Warranty - VELUX